(Week 4) September 11 – In-class Free Writing

There are so many ideas that I want to throw into my audio essay. It ranges from stating the main purpose of why I will be choosing this particular topic for my audio essay to what has influenced me to keep exploring that topic and many more. I am planning and willing to explore many literacy narrative ideas and also, I really want to combine lots of them together and even create “links”.

My audio essay will particularly be based on why I feel that everyone should be treated equally in term of receiving education and its stages. Throughout my life, I have been exposed to ‘Education’ a lot. ‘Education’ in terms of curriculum in many countries especially my home country, Bangkok Thailand. I am not really talking about Education in terms of the amount of Education I have received throughout my life or even my academic, but instead it’s about me, who has seen a lot such as children in an orphanage receiving education, government and politicians trying their very best to provide the best education and the best curriculum they can to children without a lot of privileges.

Breaking up my essay plan:

Beginning – Really focus on the main idea I want to illustrate in my audio essay

– An really good introduction (/topic sentence) that explains and introduces my main idea which is based on Education

– Start making links and connections to what influenced me to choose this topic for my audio essay

Middle – Start explaining each stage of the story, how all of it started, who was part of it, who experienced it with me, the main important roles that I had

– Talk about the struggles I had to deal with, who helped me deal with it, how I overcame them

Middle – End

– What I learnt from this experience

– Will I ever get to deal with it again? If yes, how come?

– Will I ever continue or willing to have this kind of experience ever again?



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