In class writing – October 23 (Faye)

“After Digital Storytelling: Video Composing in the New Media Age”

What I learnt: -Only running through texts and only images may not be as affective for the audience…

Candice: She tried to find common grounds between her and her mother where at first, there wasn’t really anything, but when she tried mix matching things together, it became more interesting and insightful. (In the beginning, she had a perspective and different viewpoint of her mother, but then later on, she found and discovered motivation and specific common grounds in order to develop her writing and ideas.

All in all, I found it really helpful after reading the essay (pages 44-49) because I got the chance to learn from both Katie and Candice. I am able to notice the disadvantages and advantages of each tool and combine them when I come to working on my video essay.