Video Essay draft – Mana, Hennesy, Faye


The School of Management’s mission is to challenge students to reimagine business and management to create a more humane and just world. They demand academic excellence in the service of humankind.

  • It is located in the heart of San Francisco, one of the most intense business ecosystems in the world, which allows students to be provided with unparalleled access to high tech, biotech, finance, venture capital and entrepreneurial leaders.

“Our alumni represent 117 industries in 50 states, 9 US territories, and 97 countries around the world”

The School of Management offers three Business Minors: Business, Entrepreneurship and Innovation, and Hospitality Management.

– The minor in business…

– The minor in entrepreneurship…

– The hospitality management minor…

Interviewing students in the School of Management: (should break into small segments) 

  • Why did you choose Major in Business?
  • How’s your experience studying business?
  • What does the School of Management provide?
  • Would you recommend others to USF School of Management?
  • Rate 1-10

We should… 

  • Interview professors

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