Interviewee: Rachel Williams

The artifact I want to talk to Rachel about is a ring that is always worn on her finger. It’s gold, with what looks like a diamond in the middle, and green stones on either side of it. It looks like a traditional piece of jewelry – something like an heirloom. I believe it may be used for more than just decorative purposes because it is more delicate than flashy. It’s very elegant in terms of its shape and size, with a thin gold band and smaller-sized jewel stones. It reminds me of a similar ring that my grandmother passed down to my mother when she was married.

Her ring was her mother’s engagement ring, and she has had it for 1.5 years. Her attachment to it is that she’s the only child and finds it special to have something that was exclusively her mother’s and was given by her father. When her father bought her mother a new set, her mother passed this ring down to her.