March 25 Hiking Trip (Actually my Neighborhood)

  • I took this walk on the 25th March 2020
  • Location: Tustin, California
    • Latitude: 33.742070
    • Longitude: -117.819770
    • Elevation: 138′
  • Description:
    • I was only able to get a walk around my neighborhood with my dog, relatively flat and most of the different foliage and animals were located in peoples front yards. It is becoming popular within my local community to redo traditional grass front yard to more desert or Mediterranean Shrub which is closer to Southern Californias biome type
  • List of 5 Species:
    • Palo Verde (Parkinsonia florida)
    • Stonecrops (Crassula)
    • Saguaro (Carnegiea gigantea)
    • Sedum (Crassulaceae)
    • Purple-flowered Rock-rose
  • Detailed Species Account:
    • Unfortunately I could not capture a high quality photo of any of the perching bird species that encountered on my walk. However I did take a decent photo of the American Crow (Corvus brachyrhynchos), on a telephone line. The sleek black feathers gave the large bird (about 18 inches tall) with a wing span of about 2 feet, a nice contrast to the gray sky. The Crow, perched on top of a telephone pole, was apart of a larger grouping of crows in the area, which is common for the crow species. It was calling to other members, but did not seem to be a call of distress of of mating intentions, just a few simple calls.
  • Narrative:
    • Like I mentioned before I was unable to make it on a traditional hike, but ended up taking roughly an hour long walk with my dog. It was a cool day with overcast clouds and a slight breeze. There were many people walking around because of the state wide quarantine, would typically be quieter because people would have been at work. It generally was not that interesting of a walk, but it was fun to actually pay attention to all of the different plant and animals species that I came across on my walk.


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