Three Presentation Ideas

1. Credibility Assessment: The Credibility of Bikes For the World

In this speech, I would introduce the organization, and give a background of how it came to be. I would continue by doing an analysis of who the organization has helped, the types of people who run the organization, and how the organization operates. I might also add a bit of background about how the company came to be.

2.Personal Interests: The Recreational vs. Practical Uses of Bicycles

Being a Business major and an Economics Minor, I would consider myself to be a very logical person. My hobbies also reflect this. I like to knit, play music, and do puzzles. In this speech, I would discuss the different uses for the bicycle, and how it has evolved over the years. Also, I would examine the use of bicycles all over the world, and compare first world bike usage to the very realistic means of transportation bikes provide in poorer and more rural areas around the world.

3.Academic Interests: The History of the Bicycle Business 

Being a business student, I would like to examine marketing and finance strategies for the bicycle market from the time of its inception up until now. I would be interesting to learn what people thought of the first bicycles, and if the market grew rapidly right from the beginning, or if its popularity was more gradual. I would also discuss the prices of the bicycle and how it has changed economically and mechanically over time.


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