Individual and Team

I think the relationship between Rendell and his team is very admirable. It shows character when someone is able to do something selflessly. Personally, I have had the privilege of being in such a group. In high school, I was a part of a steel drum ensemble. This group was so beneficial to my development as a young person. This group taught me that if every piece does not give their all, the puzzle will not be complete. Almost every day, there was an instance in which I took my time to help another friend learn a song, stepped back to let someone have a solo, or encourage someone to pick a song, and they did the same for me. Although it was hard and frustrating at times, it was all worth it when we came together. That feeling of togetherness was worth all the hard work. When I had a solo, I knew that all my band members were wishing that I would do my best, and I knew this because I did the same for them. When someone messed up, we wouldn’t call attention, but rather, try to make it seem like it was purposeful to the audience.

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