Rendell Reading

In his writing Rendell does a good job or giving in-depth descriptions about everything he writes about. In fact, I found it easy to get lost in the descriptions, and forgot what  is main points were as I was reading. However, I did find this reading interesting, and I  like how Rendell describes friendship,  comradery, and teamwork. Before reading this, I was unaware that cycling was a team sport.  I had just always assumed that all the cyclists were just pedaling along, trying to beat everyone else. This idea of teamwork is admirable, how an entire team can be so selfless and let just one person have all of the glory. Also, this reading gave me insight into how grueling cycling really is, when you are in these long races. I didn’t think it was easy, but Rendells descriptions made it sound harder than I could have ever imagined. Personally, when I am working out and am really tired, and giving something my all, everyone around me seems to become very annoying, and it is harder to think about the team- or anything else for that matter- when you’re exerting so much energy and experiencing so much pain. Over, Rendell’s reading helped me understand the importance of teamwork in a sport that I didn’t even realize was a team sport.

Source: Rendell, Matt. “An Ocean of Air”. A Significant Other. 

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