Outline for Speech #3


  • Attention Getter: Redefine audience -> Relate to an observer.
    • What is an audience? When one thinks about an audience, they think about a cheering crowd, or a large group of people watching some sort of production. However, audience is about observing. When an audience is present, it means that something is being observed.
  • Thesis/ Central Idea: Lead Singer of the Talking Heads, author, and bike rider, David Byrne.
    • How he feels riding a bike makes him a good audience/ observer of whatever city he visits.

Main Point #1: Who is David Byrne

  • Talking Heads
    • Cultural Influences
    • “Stop making sense”
    • Tries to get his audience to see things from a different perspective. I.e. ‘Big Man’ suit, Interview with himself
  • Bicycle Diaries

Main Point #2: Byrne and Bicycles

  • Bicycle Diaries
    • What it is, and a brief summary.
    • What he learns from stepping out of the shoes of a performer and into the perspective of an audience/ observer.

Main Point #3: Using cycling to be an audience of the world

  • Why bicycles are a good medium for seeing people and places from a different and truer perspective.


  • Restate Thesis
  • Review Main Points
  • Closing/ Memorable Last Statements
    • By changing his perspective, David Byrne successfully teaches us how to be an audience of the world.


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