How to cultivate a positive relationship with grandparents

It is very common for parents and grandparents to disagree on issues of childrearing, particularly when grandparents are involved in providing some form of childcare. However, the bond between children and grandparents can be mutually nourishing and enriching. Children benefit from having another attachment relationship in which they can feel loved and secure, whereas for […]

What is Mindful Parenting? A conversation with an expert

Meditation has gained increasing attention in the past decades due to potential benefits for health, happiness and well-being. New developments in cognitive and social science show that mindfulness–the state of full awareness in the present moment achieved when meditating regularly–might represent a valuable resource for parental mental health and child development. This week we talked to Dr. […]

Teaching young children how to handle powerful emotions

Before the age of three, children develop rapidly in every area of their lives. However, the social and emotional skills needed for impulse control, understanding others’ points of views and communicating their experiences have not fully matured. This may help explain why young children sometimes express their emotions so intensely, disproportionately, or spontaneously [1].  Frustration and temper ‘tantrums’ […]

If it makes you happy: Using positive emotions to practice self-care

Parenting can be very challenging. It certainly takes a village to raise a baby, and in our individualistic world, many parents have few relatives or friends to support them in their daily struggles. This can be literally exhausting, particularly for first time parents, for those living under conditions of financial hardship and stress, or when parenting a […]