Services for families in the Bay Area


blossom-birth Blossom Birth: Supports expectant and new families with meaningful information, connections and resources to help them thrive in their parenting journey. Some of the services parents can find at Blossom Birth are support groups, classes, and referrals for professionals such as doulas, lactation and sleep consultants.

childrenscouncilChildren’s Council: Serving all types of families with childcare needs. Giving free referrals and placement services, financial      assistance and family workshops.


Compass Family Services: Services for families facing housing crisis, including temporary shelter, crisis intervention, social services and therapy.

family support service BA

Family Support Services of the Bay Area: Help for families – parents, grandparents and other relatives-, in caring for children facing serious challenges due to abuse, disabilities, medical conditions or negligence.


La Raza Community Resource Center: Varied family services for the Latino community, such as visitation program, parenting classes, support groups, social services, immigration services and food pantry.

SF Doula Group: Source for referrals of trained and experienced birth and postpartum doulas.


Talk Line Family Support Center:  Offers resources, referrals, counseling, support groups and children’s’ playroom -among other services-, in a homelike setting. They also provide a 24-hour crisis and counseling telephone line for caregivers in San Francisco.

 Information on pregnancy, infancy, lactation, sleeping, and parenting:


American Academy of Pediatrics: Updated medical information and trends on infant health.

KellyMom evidence-based information about lactation and parenting. also offers pregnancy and breastfeeding support groups.


llliLa Leche League International: Promotes the understanding of breastfeeding and its benefits for health of mothers and children through support groups worldwide.

nationalsleepfoundationNational Sleep Foundation: Organization dedicated to improve health and well-being through sleep education and advocacy, Their website offers evidence-based information about topics related to sleep.


postpartumsupportinternationalPostpartum Support International: Offers information, local resources and free phone line to support women through the emotional changes they experience during pregnancy and postpartum.