St. Cyprian’s Church Spring 2012


My name is Sean Culligan and I am working with St. Cyprian’s Episcopal Church, specifically with their kitchen project. I am a junior at USF and an International Business major with minors in Japanese and Film Studies. I have worked with St. Cyprian’s previously and thus was brought on to help with the PSIP. Last semester I, along with a group of three other business students, worked together with St. Cyprian’s on projects to help make the church more eco-friendly. This semester I will be helping them with their business plan for the kitchen, their website for the kitchen project, and a video project to help promote the kitchen on

As of Tuesday, February 21, 2012 I have constructed a calender for the kitchen project, started to work with Pastor Will Scott on the business plan, and worked on parts of the website for the kitchen. Tonight there is also our second meeting as the kitchen project team where we will discuss the progress of the kitchen as a whole.

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  2. Here, your introduction effectively introduces your involvement with St. Cyprian’s Episcopal Church and their kitchen project. However, it would be beneficial to specify where exactly you are currently working on this project.

  3. Hello, I appreciate your recognition of my involvement in the kitchen website development project and the importance of collaboration in such endeavors. Indeed, working on a project like this requires a collective effort, as it can be quite challenging when tackled individually. Furthermore, my prior experience collaborating with a team of three fellow business students on eco-friendly initiatives for the church has shown my ability to work effectively in a team.

    Given my involvement and experience, I believe that adopting the principles of a dedicated development team would be highly effective in our current situation. This approach would allow us to leverage each team member’s strengths and expertise, leading to a more efficient and successful development process. It would also promote better communication, coordination, and the sharing of ideas, which are essential for achieving our project goals.

    In summary, I am fully supportive of the idea of forming a dedicated development team for this project, as it aligns well with my experience and the collaborative nature of the task at hand. You can find more information about our project on our website:

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