California Interfaith Power & Light Fall 2015


This is the first week to work this semester. Since this is the second semester I interned here, I already familiar with CIPL. My supervisor, Will Scott (pastor), Rev. MaAn Barcelo and I went to Oakland City Hall and took participate in the activity of resist coal.

The city council is hearing on the health and safety impacted of coal open until October 5th, 2015. There is 694 membe4rs of the people signed up to speak and it last at least 3 hours. There were two sides of people, the one wanted to keep using coal (support Oakland jobs); another side is resist using coal (beyond coal export). Obviously I am on beyond coal export side. Everybody knows that coal makes a lot of air pollution and this is one of the reasons why China has so much smog these years (using so much coal). As what I saw, the people who still want to export coal are labor and businessmen. The people who resist coal are professor, environment department and green organization.

In my point of view, I do not want those labor lose job, but they need change and do some green job in the future. We are not only for our own, we are also for our earth.



This week, I need find churches info online for example, leader, address and which church and then converse those churches information into letterform. The hardest part would be find info about church. Some information is not online and I need using other ways to think. Some info I find in Facebook or other social network. Some even do not show there. So I wrote a text or e-mailed them about what info I need and then I got respond. I realize that there is nothing impossible, just put your effort then you will make it.



Today I have a lot of work and I learnt a lot. I helped wrote envelope for Chinese churches and classify CIPL materials into envelope. The reason we wrote the letter info down to the letter by hand is because it would be more seriously which let people pay more attention to it than just type info down. I learnt what layout it is if I want to write a letter. And I also learnt how to use stamp machine. It is pretty fast to stamp into envelope.

Another work I done is help to check CIPL salsa lab system member list and add new sign-up people into salsa lab. Most of people write down only the first name, to know what the last name is I try to relate to their e-mail address and save those info into CIPL system.

I think, to operate a company, one of the important things would be get contact information of people who interested in it. The more info you get, the more potential profit you could get.
















Today I helped organized name cards and clear them up. Later, due to there is some letters returned, I helped make those returned letters into different piles which means in different category in order to know the reason it returned clearly. They are both easy thing to deal with. And what I got from them is be patient and help supervisor and organization better deal with those files.

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After rescan CIPL website, I found that there is a new Spanish version already. Butthere is still do not have Chinese version. So I start to help CIPL make a Chinese version in order to make more Chinese congregations and churches pay more attention in our organization. Due to I have studied Spanish in USF, so I could help translate that Spanish version into Chinese version.





There is an event happen in the next Tuesday, which is called Interfaith Service for the Climate. To prepare for the event, I helped prepare for the list of people who register for this event and record them into salsa labs (CIPL system). First I need compare the list that has already in our system then to create the data of the rest of them.

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Then, due to the great event would happen in the next week, we still have time to invite members to take participate in. so I made the poster in to 7 piles and put into envelopes, then send those letters to the important church. It is a good opportunity for us to get more people joins our mission. The more invitation we made, the more people will pay attention to this event and then make action in order to fight for the climate change.


After that, due to CIPL have moved to a new place, I helped stick the new location stickers into the flyer in order for future using. And I found the fastest way to stick the stickers that would be put as much sticker in one arm, and then stick to the flyers~LOL

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I took participated in “Interfaith Service for the Climate”. The Cathedral of Christ the Light Church is pretty gorgeous and big. There was a reception after the award ceremony. The food looks so delicious but I have no time to eat lol~! I was there to helped present our organization: I have let some people sign up our organization, let people make donation and clean up the space. There is a person who donated 10$ for our book. And I gave this donation to the organization. I met a lot people especially I get to know more about our partner American solar. The solar panel they made is so different than what I saw in China. And I heard from them that this designed panel is much better than Chinese one since the different and better surface. And I have also met a lawyer who worked for environment. It was a awesome experience for me as meanwhile I got to know more people.




I have helped dealing with those donations and look at them if in our system. If no, I need registered the supporter and fill out the donation. It looks easy but it is a little bit hard since sometimes I cannot figure out the donators’ name. Therefore I need go online to check and get more information about the church or company who donate to us. Later, I helped fix the flyers. Good experience to check account and make reconciliation since i have never done this before;)


Today is the last day I worked at CIPL this semester. I am so happy I have worked here in this whole year. As the last month in 2015 year, CIPL also have lots of things need to be done. Since we have thousands of members in California, we need give them a letter in order to help us raising money. I start to realize in fact there is a lot of people already pay attention on climate change. But it is not enough. All human need have the conscious on climate change.





On last weekend I just watched a movie, which is called “time to choose”. It is really important to make action on climate change. Thorough the movie, I know the largest drivers of negative climate change are burning coal, burning oil and natural gas, urban sprawl, deforestation and industrial agriculture. There are some amazing and thought-provoking data as well such as global sea level has already risen by 8 inches, if Greenland’s ice sheet melt completely, sea level will rise 23 feet, and 6 hundred million people’s homes will be destroyed if the coast lines are flooded.

Burning coal considered being the most significant reason to result in global warming. It’s difficult for us to prohibit all people from using coal or other energy sources, which will create carbon dioxide. What we can do is to decrease the overall amount of coals produced and exported or imported. China, as a biggest using coal country, people are keeping making more and more money, doing businesses as usual, no matter whether the businesses are environmentally friendly. They don’t even realize the more environment related businesses they engage into, which makes more people’s lives harder, such as Maldives islands are sinking, people in Maldives islands have to leave their homes. Right now, Chinese should take more responsibility to recover and better climate change. As a Chinese, I can feel how serious the negative climate change is already happened. Fog in China is obvious phenomenon. As what I know, many babies are born without blue sky and till now there are many children still do not see the blue sky. They even do not know what a blue sky is. It is so sad and lamentable that human take away beautiful nature from children’s eyes.

That industry especially burning coal industry should be ban. It is not only for good nature, but also for human itself. We can’t always make the worst happen and then to change or regret. Then it would be so late and silly and the cost would be much higher than right now! We as common people can make action to improve environment such as drive less, take more public transportation, do not open the light when there is no people at home and others.

Through this semester, I payed more attention on climate change, how people interact with environmental change and how to let people have an action on it. Once we can mention how serious the bad thing would happen, then people will have the mind to think about it. So, as a person who pays attention on climate change, will push others and give them this notice. In the future, I will keep pay more attention on environmental changes and do some work with green sources.