Chinese Newcomers Service Center Fall 2015

Blog #1

Hi everyone, my name is Jan Thor and people usually just call me Jan. I’m majoring in Entrepreneurship & Innovation and I’m graduating in May 2016 so I’m a senior now. Currently, I’m working at Chinese Newcomers Service Center, which is located at Chinatown. Chinese Newcomers Services Center is a California public benefit organization Sec. 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code (Tax ID is 94-2152893). My goal for this internship is to gain more working experience and make new connection with more people in San Francisco. I think my skills are fully usable at my working place. They have a lot of paper work are using with Microsoft Excel and Microsoft Word. Also, my working experienced helps me to apply on my current job too. I need to communicate with out sider, which is like what I did before. It strengthens my communication skill too.

Basically, CNSC is helping the newcomers to settle down in America. We also organize workshops for those newcomers to find new job, to find new house, to help them learn new skill such as Microsoft Office, provide them information on tax reclaim especially for those low income families and provide them information on reducing utilities cost. In other words, Chinese Newcomer Services Center is a non-profit organization that helps with low-income person, and mostly is Chinese.



These are my working place.


and she is my mentor for working on certain project.

That’s all for this post, gonna update the next post soon. Keep in touch.



Blog #2

Hi, I’m back. Currently, I’m working with the Gala night preparation. They will have a Gala night event soon and there will be a live auction on that day. I’m trying to work on with calling people for donation or buying raffle ticket. Then, we will work on preparing and collecting all the donations from different companies. I’m helping up with collecting the auction item or even cash from the company. Also, I’m working on with those auction items, arranging and classifying them in different category. This is a huge event for CNSC. So, every one of us who are working in CNSC will focus on this coming Gala night. Unfortunately, I couldn’t attend the Gale night because I have class on that day. But luckily I’m able to help up on those preparations before the Gale night.

Not only that, we are busy helping newcomers to get hired. I’m working on helping the unemployment newcomers to look for a suitable job for them. Basically, I have a bunch of contact numbers and I’m trying to make phone call to every one of them. Asking them is it interested in any particular job.


Yeah…. here is it. This is my working desk. ;)



Blog #3

CNSC had their Annual Toy Drive at Gordon J. Lau School and Food drive at Willie Woo Woo (Chinese) Playground & APA Community Center in Visitation Valley on last 3rd of December 2015. 4500 bags of groceries were distributed to the elderly and those who needed help.


This is the brochure of the Community Food Drive 2015

On 3rd of December 2015, we all never work in the office because that day is a big day which is Community Food Drive. On that day, we help pack all the food in to a bag from 8am-1pm. Then from 1pm we start distribute the food to the elderly. We are too unfortunately because it was raining on that day. However, all the volunteer is still keep doing the work and never slow down because we know we have to be done before 1pm so that the elderly can get the food. It is touching when you see every one is corporate together and make things done. After we done packing then we have our lunch and we start letting people come in to collect the packing.


The banner of CNCS Community Food Drive.


Putting food into the bag


 This are the people who start lining up even though is having heavy rain


Start distributing the packing

We aspect to be done before 4pm and yeah we already finished distributing at 230pm. It was really a hard day for every one of us. However, it really worth it when you realised you did something meaningful and remarkable in your life.


From this picture we can see how kind is all of the volunteer even though having heavy rain but we all never slow down on working. We really appreciate a lot.


This people are all CNSC volunteers.


We also have volunteer from police school too. All young and tough guy.


Last but not least, she is my boss, Rita Mah. She is a really kind and helpful person. I think this is why she is involve in this community.


Let me sum it up for these 4 months internship. I really learned a lot on communication and doing paper work. Also, how to assist people when people need help.  To be honest, I did a lot of different position between these few months. At first, I help Rita to work on the Gala Night. After the Gala Night is ended, I help on people to look for job. I tried to sit on the front desk too. I have experienced about answer call from different people, help and answer their question. Which is build up my communication skill and increase my ability to deal with customer. Moreover, I think I did apply my skill which is Microsoft Words very well at my job. Especially Microsoft Excel. I really enjoy working at CNSC because I build up my connection with several people and I learn something through this internship. I will never forget how my colleague help me up and taught me new things. They treat me so good and the most important thing is they are very kind and friendly person. I will definitely never forget the days that I worked in CNSC. Good Bye.