Presentations and Performances

From Practices to Presentations and Performances – What’s the difference?


An authentic audience may be a little difficult to some to understand at first but don’t be afraid, it isn’t too much more than what it sounds like. As an educator, we see the term audience used in our standards, in that, for example, students must be able to provide examples and ask questions “to an appropriate audience.” The audience simply refers to who we are speaking or presenting our information to. In some cases as you can see in the first photo, the audience isn’t exactly the first thing on these ladies’ minds when focusing for so long on an important match and winning in the end, as well!


In some classrooms, expecially when learning different things, it can be a little tougher to find an authentic audience, which only means, in laymens terms, that we should really find the right and true audience, rather than just the same usual people or made up situations. As far as sports, teams, and physcial education are involved, I believe that this is something a little easier to obtain. After a student practices with you enough in the classroom, you’ll hopefully see that over time, they aren’t as shy and are able to put in effort without caring what people think of them, especially as they grow older and mature over time. With a school that has plenty ot Bunny Hops, Turkey Trots, Walkathons, etc. Alexander Rose Elementary also allows for many moments for students to shine and show their skills to parents, other teachers, and principals as well.

Of course once our students grow even older or play sports outside of school Physical Education, there will be other parents and friends involved in their specific “audience” and eventually, more and more strangers. So just who is our audience? Hopefully that doesn’t matter if our students are able to grow as they need in more than just physical capabilities and sports skills alone. With the right exposures and experiences, I’m confident that practices won’t feel any different from practices and performances.




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  1. Hey Coach P!

    I really enjoyed your blog. I really like the fact that you’ve acknowledged that school has a lot of challenges for students that they need to overcome. Cause if they find these challenges in school and were able to find a way for adversity in the future! Don’t stop being you.

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