Interview Post Feb 11

I choose to interview Ashley about her Fitbit

I know that Fitbits are used to track people’s physical activity. The Fitbit reminds me of an apple watch because it is shaped like a digital watch. The Fitbit is familiar to me because my mother also has one and uses it to track how many steps she takes in a day. I assume she has the Fitbit in order to keep track of her habits and make her scheduled more organized.

Q1: Did you buy the Fitbit in stores or did you order it online?

Bought at best buy.

Q2: Why did you buy the Fitbit?

Best buy

Q3: How long have you had the Fitbit?

She’s had it for a month.

Q4: Has it improved your wellbeing? Has it made you become more active? \

No, but she uses it to keep track of her steps

Q4: Has it changed your habits or your way of thinking?

Has not changed her habits but it does make her want to exercise more. Motivating her to take more steps

Q5: Do you like the Fitbit? Would you recommend others buy the Fitbit?

She does like it and she would recommend it if they want to see their steps


My name is Rachel Williams.

I did my undergrad in DC at The Catholic University of America. I studied media studies and communication. Thus far I have worked different positions as administration and marketing assistants. Last summer I had a marketing internship at an engineering firm. I would like to go into the field of PR, marketing, and communication.

I like painting, drawing, going to parks/trails in San Francisco, and watching horror movies.  A fun fact about me is that I paint with acrylic paints. I use bright colors and only paint women.

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