February 11.

Marianna, Rhea.

Interviewer:Rhea.                                                                                                                        Respondent: Marianna.

Artifact: Earring.

The particular earring in question is a beautiful diamond piece in the center attached to a wing. The said artifact was gifted to the respondent by her mother for her 29th birthday, which in fact wasn’t too long ago i.e January 21. The Earring comes from Marianna’s favorite store called “Pandora”. The earring apart from being expensive also holds immense emotional value for Marianna because this gift was given by her mom as a gesture of appreciation.

Marianna just moved from Argentina to San Francisco in order to live with her Mother who just remarried in San Francisco, and since she has been doing great, she pursued master in professional communication at the university from San Francisco and has been scoring very good grades and keeping up her co curricular up to  the mark, and to show appreciation for how well Marianna has been coping with the change, her mom gifted her this earring wherein the wing symbolizes how well she has been coping with the change and that she must remember that she has ” wings to fly” and can achieve anything she sets her mind to.

The respondent wears the earring all the time, does not take it off for baths or while sleeping. she plans on keeping this as a souvenir to remember and never pass it on. The earring reminds the respondent of all her achievement and makes her appreciated as its a representation of her mother’s pride in her for having accomplished so much in life and being a responsible independent Adult.

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