8th November, In Class Writing

Combine each of the following pairs of sentences using either a comma and a coordinating conjunction or a semicolon, a conjunctive adverb, and a comma. Add or delete words as necessary.


  1. Although the reality show follows the lives of Bruce and Kris Jenner’s combined family, most of the episodes focus on the three oldest daughters – Kourtney, Kim, and Khloé Kardashian.
  2. While Bruce Jenner was famous for breaking the world record and winning a gold medal in the decathlon at the 1976 Olympics, his sons from a previous marriage, Brandon and Brody, have also appeared on their own reality shows.
  3. Although the Kardashians’ father, the late attorney Robert Kardashian, was famous for representing O. J. Simpson, his daughters gained recognition as American socialites.
  4. Even though Kim came into the national spotlight in 2007 after a sex- tape scandal and resulting Playboy appearance, the Kardashian fame grew into a profitable reality series.
  5. The show not only depicts the daily routine of the Kardashians but also spin-off shows feature Kourtney, Kim, and Khloé’s attempts to build their line of fashion boutiques.
  6. The Kardashians’ behavior at first seemed outrageous but they are a loving family.
  7. Although the Kardashians squabble like typical siblings, Kris, the mother, holds the family together.
  8. Despite Kim’s $ 10 million wedding to pro basketball player Kris Humphries in 2011 was seen by an estimated 10.5 million viewers, the marriage lasted only 72 days.

Ayush Agarwal, Leo Xu, Junzheng Li

Video Essay

Video Essay- https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4gU1sSDVkhs&feature=youtu.be

Nov 1, In Class Writing

I read Pu Zhao’s response and I found many points similar to my response. I like the way he expresses “I like this online essay shows a lot of pictures at that time in China. It’s easier for readers to understand the real background of that part of history. As Pengfei tells his story, we are mindful of the cultural and historical contexts that shape his literacy narrative.” Moreover, we believe that “As most of the data instilled in the computers are in English, it is necessary for people to learn English first in order to operate a computer.” Also, due to Pengfei’s and his family’s hard work and labor, they were able to establish a good position in society. If we look at a bigger picture, there are many people in the rural area who are still illiterate and don’t have access to computers because of their poor condition.

30/10/18, In Class Writing

I have read Faye’s response, and I like what she said: “I feel that these days studying in college and trying to earn a degree can show ambitiousness to prospective employers and a desire to remain informed and be prepared for new upcoming challenges in the future.” Also, college is not only about learning our field of study and gaining a detailed idea about that field. Rather, it is more about getting the basic knowledge about many fields of study which is crucial for everyone to have and which can be helpful in future.

October 25, In Class Writing

Junzheng Li, Ayush Agarwal

Major selected: Business

In the video, we will input how the world of business looks like, sounds like and how people interact and behave. With effective background music, sound effects, images, and video clips, we will reveal the effectiveness of business.

October 23, In Class Writing

  • A  new form of media composing tool involves textual practice with multimodality along with disciplines of film studies and composition studies.
  • This form of media can put multiple forms of literacy – functional, critical and rhetorical – into actual practice by adding a wide array of modes like visual, audio, and alphabetic text.
  • By making use of new media processes including visual and aural layers. By inheriting digital culture, we can eliminate the old sequential linear model of write/film/edit and give more emphasis on the new media era.

Oct 18, Reflection on Education

In my country, India, college education is based more on specific marketable skills. It follows more of a stereotyped pattern. There are different college for specific fields of study. The National Institute of Technology (NITs), Indian Institutes of Information Technology (IIITs), Indian Institutes of Technology are among the most prestigious institutions within the technology sciences. Indian Institute of Science (IISc) and Indian Institute of Science Education and Research (IISERs) are the premier research institutes in the field of science education and research. (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Higher_education_in_India). Image result for college education fields in india


Oct 2, Essay 2

That Word Black – Langston Hughes (Did racism end? Historical context)

You and your partner go to see the film The House We Live In… – Claudia Rankine (Supporting material that racism exists)

White America’s Racial Illiteracy – Robin DiAngelo (Challenges the white people face in the context of racism)

Weary Oracle – Dawn Lundy Martin (Existence of racism in colleges & universities) Racism in Kindergarten – Tom Jacobs

From “What to a Slave Is the Fourth of July” Frederick Douglass (Historical context)

Why Black Lives Matter Isn’t What You Think – Bryan Stascavage (Supporting material for racism)


According to Martin Luther King, a society judges its individuals “not by the color of their skin but by the content of their character”. However, this statement is not true in every case. Some critics argue that racial injustice still plagues American society, and in particular that African Americans and other minorities are the persistent victims – sometimes unknowingly – like the incident mentioned by Claudia Rankine. In the story, the narrator’s neighbor misjudges her friend as being “menace” just because he had a black skin. Moreover, he called the police without giving him any further notice. Taking into consideration the mentality of the whites, her neighbor never would have imagined that Claudia could have a friend who is a black guy. This reflects the kind of racial prejudice that thrives in her neighborhood. Such kind of incidents that are a part of everyday life can spread the feeling of racism and can question the legitimacy of the Black Lives in America. Further, in the story, Claudia restricts her friend to talk to her on the phone openly where people can easily witness him. This creates an unnecessary tension and creates a sense of racial discrimination.

The perspectives about the racism of whites are different from those of the blacks. Living in a white dominant context, most whites have a limited understanding of racism because they have not been trained to think in complex ways about it. Because race is constructed as residing in people of color, whites have the liberty not to bear the social burden of race. For example, the centrality in history, textbooks, historical representations, and perspective, the teachers, role models, heroes, and heroines that are all white, one cannot avoid the internalizing the message of white superiority. One cannot understand how racism functions in the U.S. today if one ignores group power relations. The socialization renders people racially illiterate and the mainstream sources – schools, textbooks, media – don’t provide us with the multiple perspectives we need in order to judge the topic as a whole. In order to get that knowledge, one needs to think outside of the box and go beyond the normal rumors of the society to gain the different perspectives and viewpoints. According to Robin DiAngelo, “it’s an ongoing and painful process of seeking to uncover our socialization at its very roots. It asks us to rebuild this identity in new and often uncomfortable ways. But I can testify that it is also the most exciting, powerful, intellectual stimulation, and emotionally fulfilling journey I have ever undertaken”.



September 27, Idioms

Fishy – Something suspicious

Horse Around – Fool around

Cat Got your Tongue – Keep quiet

Pull Someone’s Leg – Fool someone with a ridiculous story

Get off Someone’s back – Stop bothering someone

Drive Someone Up a Wall – Annoy them and make them really angry

String Someone Along – Deceiving someone

Spill the Beans – Knowing the information beforehand

Jump the Gun – Become hasty

Turn Someone Off – Disgusted

Hand on – Preserve

Lemon – Defective



September 20, In class writing

My topic is Language and Power. I have taken the help of the book “Along the Routes to Power” by Martin Putz. The book contains powerful and persuasive writing from a team of top international scholars. It is ground-breaking by impressively focussing on how power and empowerment are foundational to the health and prospect of all the world’s languages. This book announces the centrality of the “sociolinguistics of power” by confronting researches, teachers, and planners across various language and cultural disciplines with “power and empowerment” as crucial to any modern understanding of languages.

“Is it right that a man should abandon his mother tongue for someone else’s? It looks like a dreadful betrayal and produces a guilty feeling…” (Achebe, Ngugi, 1986: 7)

The African language is rich in tradition and culture but after the coming of the colonizers, it gradually faded. Some people in Africa tend to change their religion due to the coming of Christian missionaries.




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