My topic is Language and Power. I have taken the help of the book “Along the Routes to Power” by Martin Putz. The book contains powerful and persuasive writing from a team of top international¬†scholars. It is ground-breaking by impressively focussing on how power and empowerment are foundational to the health and prospect of all the world’s languages. This book announces the centrality of the “sociolinguistics of power” by confronting researches, teachers, and planners across various language and cultural disciplines with “power and empowerment” as crucial to any modern understanding of languages.

“Is it right that a man should abandon his mother tongue for someone else’s? It looks like a dreadful betrayal and produces a guilty feeling…” (Achebe, Ngugi, 1986: 7)

The African language is rich in tradition and culture but after the coming of the colonizers, it gradually faded. Some people in Africa tend to change their religion due to the coming of Christian missionaries.