September 11, Free Writing

How I evolved with Technology

  • When I was a child I didn’t know how to make use of technology. I was always dependent on someone maybe my elder brother or sister if I wanted to know about something. But now after knowing the advancement of technology which is never ending, I can easily rely on it for anything.
  • For instance, if I want to go somewhere, I can easily see the routes through GPS without asking anyone and this is time-saving too.
  • I remember one incident when I was a child I went with my parents to visit some occasion. There I sat on top of a camel which was a short camel ride. At that point, despite being in my hometown and country, I felt so insecure if I couldn’t see my parents from that camel at a far distance. To make things worse, the worst thing happened. I got lost. It was like that was the end of my life.
  • At the present time, being outside of my hometown and my country and coming all together in a different country in a different city with new people all around me, I can now say that I am quite comfortable because I know how to use technology. I rely on technology every single day. I no more feel insecure. I feel independent and safe.
  • Moreover, I make use of technology in almost everything like in my academics.
  • I came all the way from India to the United States by myself and I will give some credit to technology.

September 6, In Class Writing

Nichele, Leo & Ayush

The story is about the Loss of Literacy. It talks about how the person learned to be a doctor and recognized the symptom of dementia patients. We liked the most because this audio essay gives a conversation between a student and her patient. The next part is about how she explains her story by adding a song track between each part of her story which includes her conversation and her reflection.

  • It is a challenging task for us to identify the story in relation to the sound-track that best fits with it.
  • Time can be another challenge while narrating our audio essay.
  • Audios essays are helpful in certain ways. We can express our stories more vividly to the audience.

September 4: In Class Writing

  1. The main expectations of the audio literacy are to draft an essay which can focus on music or musical themes, genres, groups or lyrics that have shaped our experience/life during a significant time period/event/situation. Or, you can focus on a particular soundscape (an audio/aural environment) that has shaped your experience/life during a significant time period/event/situation.
  2. Objectives: to reflect on your history for a deeper understanding of your cultural, racial, and language identities
    -to help others learn from your past experiences
    -to enhance your learning of digital or new media tools as new modes of writing to suit writing purposes in globalized and digitized contexts
    -to reflect on choices in audio and see how those might be different from choices in written texts

    The challenges can be to compose an essay that is compelling to others about some time/event/period in my life.

    To explore the intimate/important roles that music or a particular soundscape plays in my life, and to trace how it shapes my experience and understanding

    To use your voice to good effect as an instrument (vocal variety, emotion, emphasis) of telling a story

  3. Process: Give a quick summary of the essay, the skeleton of the essay in details, recording, and editing, examples, and support, the ethics.

August 30, In class writing

  • Learning a new language is a difficult task and its a slow and tedious process. The researchers suggested it might take at least five to seven years even more for students to grasp a new language and using it to complete their academic works.
  • Tadeu Velloso mentions that he was half American and half Brazilian. During his school days, the people didn’t treat him equally and thought that there must be a gap between the Latino and European.
  •  There does exist a different treatment between local citizens and immigration, they face several barriers when they first come here, and to push themselves to adapt all those new things as quick as possible. The process is suffering and dull, and it takes a period of time to accomplish this goal.

Refugees in America

August 29, 2018

In class writing:

Refugees refer to people who are forced to leave their homes for many reasons, including conflict and violence. ( The refugees in the U.S. are mainly from Syria, Afghanistan, South Sudan, Myanmar, and Somalia. ( Muslim refugees are said to decline by 85% due to President Trump signing the traveling ban which suspended all refugee admissions for 120 days. ( Some of the challenges they face are securing work, securing housing, accessing services, transportation, cultural barriers, and difficulties speaking and learning English. (

People hold up placards to protest against US President Donald Trump’s executive order suspending the resettlement of refugees and banning people from seven majority-Muslim countries from entry into the US, during a rally near the US embassy in Tokyo on January 31, 2017.

Nichele, Faye & Ayush


Hi! I am Ayush Agarwal. I am from India. I am a freshman and it is my first time in San Francisco. I live on campus in Gillson. My major is Business Management and I plan on minoring in International Business. I am a part of USF dons band where I play the piano. I recently joined the swimming club. I love playing basketball. I am super excited by being a part of USF and look forward to exploring the city.

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