09.04 In class writing.

Writing an audio essay comes along with the challenge to keep the audience interested. The challenge is to reveal what a certain piece of sound of music means in your life, making them understand why it means so much to you, and how it helped shape you as what you are today. To keep an audience interested, you need to make sure you don’t have boring and factual piece of information but have some kind of insight about you and maybe people in your family as human beings.

The assignment wants to teach us how to write an audio essay. Makes us learn how no noise should be made, we should be clear and have a pitch for our story that we are telling. It wants to help us voice our story while teaching us how to use vocals to express. It also wants us, as a class to know what kind of people surround us and what their story is all about. It teaches us to compare about the choices we make while writing an audio essay and a normal one. The audio essay must have a draft to go smoothly while presenting it. Audio essays are a good way of telling a story and making sure everyone knows what is going on because there is a visual (draft that helps them through the essay) and audial representation.