09.11.18 – Free writing in class

Audio Essays seem to be rather difficult than normal essays that we write on paper. Talking into a microphone might scare people off, making them conscious as some don’t like their voice on tape and some might find it a better medium to express themselves. In my audio essay, I would like to tell my audience how and why dance became one of the most important parts of my life, and how I came to conclude being a dance major.

When I was four, my mother took me to a dance class that was right across the street from my house. I realized how much I enjoyed the way the music reached every part of my body. I felt the music and when I heard that music, I tried to match my movement with it. With the different areas of expertise I have in multiple forms, I took a little from each style and related them to my own life.

It is essential to me that my audience knows, dance is a form of expression for me. When words fail me, I have a voice that helps me through dance. I realised this when I went through what may be, the WORST time of my life. I was 9 when I lost my father to a heart-attack and I realized how I danced my way through my emotions. I used to go to my backyard and put on any song and moved to whatever I heard.

The multiple performances I have done in and out of my country and all the competitions I have been part of, brought back trophies with me.


Not so much of an outline, but more of a script:

When I look up the definition of dance, it reads, ” to move rhythmically to music, typically following a set sequence of steps.” But when I talk about it, dance is much more than that. it was a form of expression, a form of exercise, a form of letting go and a form of being myself.

I started dancing when I was four years old and plan on dancing till I am a hundred and four years old. Besides the exaggeration, I would like to say that I will not give it up till the very end of my dancing life. I want to dance through the difficult path and walk through the thorns before I reach the bed of roses. A dancers life is one of the most difficult to start. It starts as the tortoise and finishes faster than the hare. If you, as a dancer are lucky, will you be able to get through such a life.

My mother took me to a dance studio that was across my house when I was little and made me start contemporary training. Little did I know, the four year old me loved the beats and tried to match her movements with what she heard. I started performing more than my caliber and so mother decided to put me in more dance classes. By the time I was six, I was already appearing for my first Indian Folk Dance exam, starting my way up till the diploma. When I was seven, I went to Italy and Austria with a troupe of dancers representing India in the UNESCO dance festival that was held. I was the youngest dancer in the entire festival among multiple countries and was featured in local newspapers in a small town in Italy. I was taken to meet the mayor and was pampered like I was a queen. Similarly, I attended another festival in Turkey when I was nine and one in Prague when I was fourteen.

I finished my eight year diploma in Indian Folk and started teaching as an instructor with the company I received it from. In my high school, I was a part of at least 6 dance competitions every year since I was in grade 2, that competed with several schools around our locality. I never settled for anything below a silver and so I ensured to work as hard as need to get that done. I was a part of these competitions till I graduated from school and was the most pampered student, referred to as the “Dancer of JNS” by my principle.

As I mentioned before, dance is a form of expression for me. I realized this when I went through, what may be the WORST time of my life. I lost my father at the age of nine and when words failed me, dance stepped in to help me bring out what I was feeling. I often shut myself out from humanity and got into this world where music was the base and movement was my conversation. I used this to better myself with my expressions when I danced. I felt every word of the lyrics and started relating them to my life.

Today, I have decided to take up dance as my major and try to build my life around it.