09.20.2018 – In Class Writing

Today, my topic is the role of culture in body dissatisfaction and disordered eatings among young females. Studies found that most Western Societies have a set perspective of a body type. A thin figure is what is expected from most women. Most Caribbean and blacks or Africans, they don’t believe thin bodies being a part of their “cultural beauty standards” (Lam, 2015, p. 1). Their cultural practices and all their  beliefs act as  a guard against body dissatisfaction. Their culture helps ensure that they never disregard their bodies and never have a low self-esteem.
“Much literature now reports that ethnic identity is positively associated with general psychological health such as self-esteem” (Lam, 2015, p. 3).  Just because of the cultural ideas of what a women must look like in order to be called beautiful, women tend to be dissatisfied with their bodies and start eating differently, causing health issues like an eating disorder.
What I analyzed out of the introduction that I read was, as proud as one might be to belong to a certain ethnicity or culture, they need to understand that sometimes, these cultural ideas can singlehandedly pull an individual down mentally and physically. The culture plays a big role, some positive, whereas the other negative, in dissatisfied bodies and disordered eatings.