09.13.18 – Class Writing [pitching ideas]

My story revolves around dance and why dance is such an important part of my life. The basic idea is to get around the topic with minute details like at what age I started learning what kind of dance form and how I started relating it to my own life. I talk about how I’ve performed in and out of my country several times and how I want to continue dancing till time permits.

I started by letting my audience know that I was taken by my mother to a studio that as right across from my house and that was the beginning of it all. I was four when she introduced me to this concept of matching the body movements with the sounds that I heard on the loud speaker. It was contemporary that I learned first, at the age of four. Then I tell my audience my other areas of expertise like Indian Folk Dance from the age of six, receiving a diploma after an eight year course and how I started teaching at the institute I received it from.  And Indian Classical Dance РKathak at the age of 11. I trained myself vigorously in these 3 forms and tried to better myself with every passing year.

Dance became an important part of my life as it soon became a form of expression for me. At the tender age of nine, I lost my father to a heart-attack and when words failed me, dance stepped in. I used the real emotion I had about my father in my performances and got it out of my system. I realized that using real life emotions in a performance made me feel the character I was playing till my roots. These emotions not just helped me in my performances but also in my growth. I want my audience to feel this pain in my story and tell them that it wasn’t easy, and how it helped me grow into who I am today.

When I was seven years old, I attended a UNESCO dance festival in Italy and Austria. I was the youngest participant among all the countries. I want to reach to my audience and make them realize how I have learned so much culture at such a young age. Interacting with the different countries widen my knowledge about all the culture. I also featured in the local newspapers in a small town in Italy and was made to meet the mayor. I want to let my audience know how I felt when I could see the pride in my parents’ eyes. I then attended one in Turkey at the age of nine and one in Prague at the age of fourteen. All these festivals had to be attended with the dance group and teacher and no parents were allowed to be there. I learned how to be independent at an extremely young age and I couldn’t thank my parents more, for letting me again that experience.