10.18.2018 – Reflection on Education

Education in India still living a backward life. All through my high school, education meant learning my textbook word for word. Ask me what I learned last year and I would not be able to tell you. It is almost as if educating children is to see how much they can score, whether or not they can rote learn the textbook and how well they perform under pressure. It is all only about the grade, or at least was. Indian parents put more pressure on their kids than even what pressure-cookers have. A grade below 90%? Oh no, that categorizes you in the ‘not so smart’ group of children. I would say it is a lot more affordable to study in India than to study here, in the US but I rather pay more to be educated for real than pay a comparatively lesser fee to be pressured in India.

It also is super competitive. Cut-offs to get into colleges range from 94%-98%. With this ever so vast population and so much competition, Indian children are stressed about college even before finishing Freshman year at high school.

Well, this is my opinion as a high school kid, and maybe it has changed, maybe it has become a better system. But with this mindset I would not be able to study and succeed in a college back at home. I know for a fact that college there is so much more cultural, so much togetherness when compared to here, but is it worth studying like that for? “Where is the thinking?”,  “Where is the reasoning?”,  “When do I finally get to use my brains?”,  are the questions that arise when I think of educating myself back there.

I have a friend who got into Bath University, UK but he wanted to stay in his home country as he was very attached. He started college off in India and after a month, dropped out. He started considering reapplying to universities abroad. This was an example to show that education is developing at an extremely slow rate and as much as I love my home country, city, I would rather educate myself here than there.