By: Mana Unadkat, Pu Zhao, Junzheng

We all agree on two things. One being critical thinking is the path to acquiring skills and second, that both are equally important in this day and age.

What I think is that, without critical thinking, we would not be able to get to the stage of learning different skills. Without the “formation of the mind” we would not be able to think differently to be able acquire unique skills. I also believe that a certain amount of skills are not enough to go through life. When I say this, I don’t say it is more important than acquiring different skills, because if I do not have certain skills, I get no job and remain financially unstable. But I say, critical thinking is a base to acquiring the skills.

Pu says, “In my opinion, I would say critically thinking is more important than learning some specific marketable skills for an independent person to grow by themselves. Critically-thinking encourages people to find more ways and aspect to solve issues or some difficulties. I think go to college is a good way to improve our critically-thinking skills and acquire specific marketable skills at the same time. Because there are many kinds of different course that we need to take in four years of university life so that we can achieve both skills but focus on one side depending on individuals’ major.”

Similarly, Junzheng believes, “I think it is more important to learn to think critically compare to acquire specific marketable skills. According to this article, a lot of college offer more courses with more specific skills such as engineer, physics, psychology and so on. So they didn’t pay attention on some course such as liberal art to give some critical thinking. As a result, these students are hardly to find the job they want. So we should sometimes to choose creative literature or arts to enlarge our prospective. This is better for us to face complex issues in the future.”

Thus, we believe that we need both, but critically thinking rather than acquiring skills.