Talking in particular of the two examples, I feel like I could relate to Candice’s problem as I write an essay but when I talk it out or read it out, it does not satisfy my imagination enough. I always feel like I am missing out on something.

It was intriguing to find that while working, Candice realized the many problems that arose, that upset her but it also gave her an insight on her relation with her mother. As she worked on the video, she understood something that her mother and her share in common. Her perceptions were similar to that of her mothers and she figured her different thought in the relation when she wrote about it and when she recorded. It was interesting to know how she solved her problem of not being able to satisfy the her text with the actual shot.

Katie on the other hand has a the literal from paper to video transition while doing her essay. I cannot relate to that, but it was interesting to read about her text slides and see how she got around finishing her essay.

For my video essay assignment, I want to be able to use the advantages from both, Candice and Katie. I want to see whether I find a different relation between whatI have written and what I have recorded. I want to use the “mode-matching” and the use of powerful text transition into video. Lets hope that I do not make a mess of things. I look forward on working on this essay!