By: Ayush Agarwal, Ming Fang, Mana Unadkat

3 main requirements for the video essay:

  • Editing and the addition of music. Use of Audacity or iMovie.
  • Transcript with a clear outline.
  • To involve community.

Key features:

  • Some part of the video was related to nature, it had a lot of aesthetics.
  • It was super personal, and that gave the audience an insight of her life.
  • was well organized, had an order, it flows from one into the other topic.
  • Performance, which may include clear diction and expressions was good.
  • There should be a climax and humor.
  • Every single thing that was talked about had a visual representation to it. Example:
    “I used to sing on the toilet” – girl sitting on the seat in the bathroom!
  • Background music – sound effects.