8.30 in class reading

I read Jingyun’s response, I found that we have a lot similarities in personal experiences. She talked about her own experiences as a international student in America. I had similar ones too, which was some of my classmates were bullying foreign students. But I had a lot helps from my teachers, I was really suprised when she said she was treated harshly by her teacher. Maybe because my high school was a international friendly school, we even had a sister school in China. I do agree with her life for immigrant student is hard. We must digest a lot more pressure that the other cannot even imagine.
But however I still hold a really positive and hopeful opinion on immigration problem. Because during my high school years I had a lot teachers and some friends who want to help me and want to learn about my culture. My physics teacher learned Chinese because he sees more and more chinese students came to our school. And my art teacher painted about traditional Chinese festival. So I believe the world is getting smaller, as well as the distance between every kind of persons.

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