10.30 in class writing

– college education cost is definitely high, So some people are forced to choose cheaper ones.

– college is one of the most important point of your life. Because it is not required, but it is important to have it. It gives you more advanced knowledge for the field you are interested in. It focuses on the professional skills you need for future work. And it train you and prepare you for stepping into the society.

In class writing 10/23

After the reading and discussion, I think it is important to improvise to whatever challenges you might face. Because people usually have images of the finished project while writing the script. But video recording and editing can be really different than what we expect. And we really need a lot planning. Because when you missed one shot, it is hard to go back to the same setting. So as making movies, we need to set up fram plans.

10.2 in class writing

From all the essays we read in this semester, the one that catches my most attention is written by Amber Floyd. In the article she strongly supports the idea that undocumented immigrants should have access to all educations in America. She claims that the talented ones should not be stopped by the “undocumented” label on them, instead they should have supports from the society because they had a dream (Floyd, p.184). The talented ones are always the need of our society, if we want a better life, we need to allow their talents to get the best care. I agree with her too. However, I want to change a perspective; I want to bring this idea and apply to legal international students too. The international students process needs a lot hard work and go through a lot tests. So, many of the international students has a great potential. But they are restricted in many ways, and they don’t have the access to many educational programs. If people worked for many years and go through many tests and difficulties to seek for better education, then they deserve it, and they should deserve it.

Floyd, Amber. “A Dreamer Deferred: An Exploration of the Scarlet Title ‘Undocumented.’” Writing of a Real World, edited by David Holler, University of San Francisco Department of Rhetoric and Language, 2016, pp. 180–190.