9/25/18 – Plagiarism Activity

Group members: Parker, Nichele, Shenyao

Section A

  1. No, it is common knowledge.
  2. Yes, still need to cite his sources even though everyone is reading the same book.
  3. No, it’s still his work and the professor agree with him using his other work.
  4. Yes, because he copied off of the internet instead of putting it in his own words.
  5. Yes, even though she paraphrased she still needs to cite her sources.

Section B

  1. Yes, because additionally citation in this case is necessary.
  2. Yes, because the reader needs to know where you got the information from.
  3. Yes, it would be otherwise known as plagiarism.
  4. No, because they didn’t use a book, website, etc.
  5. Yes, you’re including a major theme from the book.
  6. Yes, because although you have the same opinion – you still need to give the author credit for their opinion and research.


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