10/18/18: Nichele & Shen

Discussion & Thoughts on Education

With reading the chapter 4 intro and Suzanne Fields’ “There’s More to Learning Than a Job Search” , we both agreed that both critical thinking and acquiring some specific marketable skills are important being that we need both for the real world but we also has two other key points in our responses;

  1.  In Shen’s response he focused more on the educational side and critical thinking and how they are vital to our educational success but also how we shouldn’t focus on money as much because that’s not what makes us successful.
  2.  In my response (Nichele) I focused more on the logical thinking of college in general and how the college experience may be different for everyone.
  • taking a gap year to become financially stable and may get some easy college credits out of the way
  • saving money
  • many can love what they do in life without having to attend college and be in debt just to get their education


Group Members: Nichele and Shen


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