9/13 audio essay pitch

I want to write some experience in my life and that somehow can represent my personality. Conrad has said that: “if you are brave, you will have the courage to come; but if you shrink back, they’re gonna be nothing left. ” I have been through several culture shots in my life.

When I was 8 years old, we move to a bigger town to start my elementary school education. that’s the first time I feel I was different than other kids. For close to my father workplace, we move to Nanjing when I was in third grade. The first year I have been laughed at by other kids lots of time cause I am a “stranger” to this city. Your dress is different; your tone is also different than other kids. No matter what, I need to get my life better and I was trying to get into the student union. before that, I faced a big challenge that I need to do a speech in front of all the classmates and teachers in the whole school. luckily, it was going pretty well. Since then, the kids nearby all come and make friend with me

the third culture shot: I came to American to seek my education.

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