10/30 in-class writing

I have read Nguyen and Nichele’s articles. We don’t think our college education worth its costs. Nichele said: “College students should be made aware of their options, they should also be taught how to get their education without scholarship verse out-of-state tuition”.We have similar ideas that taking a variety of courses in the university is good for us to learn to be a well-rounded student and have different skills for application in the workforce.  One aim of getting into college is not only learning knowledge or receiving more information but also to learn critically thinking.

10/18 Reflection on education system

In China, due to a large amount of the population base, students need to study very hard and compete with each other to get into a good university.  Students have to choose one major for their study career at the beginning of sophomore, even they have no idea what’s this major is about. And it’s not easy for them to change the major once you decided. For most students in China, the university is a kind of place for them to learn more some specific skills like STEM than improve their critical thinking.  In people’ mind, the aim of getting into the university is to find a good job after the education. I would say improve students’ critical thinking skills is a better way to teach students. Teach students to have the ability to learn by themselves is more important than some specific skills.