August 30rd In Class Writing

Comparing my response on the reading for today with Qiyu´s.


  • Qiyu had more focus on racial discrimination problems as a result of an act from the US environment and the government whereas I looked on it from the narrator´s point of view.


  • Both against the discrimination that immigrations face; an example we both used is Tadeu Velloso´s fight to find his own identity

A reason why an individual can have a unique perspective in his/hers response to the issues of identity and culture can be their own experiences and cultural backgrounds.

This can be used to explain why there was a difference between me and Qiyu´s response to today´s reading. Due to my non-existing experiences with how Americans face other cultures and I am not able to speak about this.

In one today presentations, I came across, as in Qiyu´s response; how Americans seem to be more afraid or against immigrants and refugees. The group stated that European people are more welcoming to refugees than people in the US. This has made me more interested in the difference between how Americans and Europeans look at immigrants and refugees. Is there a misconception within the American population that Europeans are more welcoming to different cultures or is it true?



Hello, fellow Dons!

My name is Romeo and I´m a Managment major here at the University of San Francisco. I play on the Mens´ Tennis Team which was the leading factor for me to join USF alongside its great location and high academic standard.

I´m from Denmark, a small country in Northern Europe with only 6 million inhabitants.



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