In Class Writing – November 15th

Reading response to Raha

  • The American Dream is less possible during the current times
  • Agree on making inequality fall would benefit the society
  • Both found the link between income inequality and physical pain interesting, but I wanted to have more evidence in terms of more numbers.

Essay 3

  • “What do you think of these ideas from both essays? A thesis?”

Adrees my own ideas clearly in the thesis statement and not only the key points from what I   have read

  • “Consider starting with summaries from both essays before synthesizing ideas.”

Summarise each essay before beginning to analyze and synthesize ideas.

  • “Support from a relevant source helps strengthen your point here.”

I understand that I should (in this case) include an outside source to support my statement at the end.

  • “Good way to present key ideas to conclude the essay; also, adding more as to what you could learn after reading these essays would make your conclusion more relevant to the discussion.”

In the future, I will have an additional focus on presenting what I have learned in order to make my conclusion stronger.

  • “References are done in alphabetical order, and book or journal titles are italicized (please see APA references pdf file under Modules).”

Remember to use alphabetical order and italicize titles of books and journals.


I now have more experience with the American way of writing a paper. Understanding how to include and use a thesis statement was new to me, but as i mentioned in the responses to the comments, I will now be able to clearly present my own opinion/idea. I am now more comfortable making a reference list using APA.



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