October 18th – In Class Writing

In Denmark, the college education stands out from the college education in the U.S. in many ways. First of all, you don’t have to pay to go to university in Denmark, but instead you actually get paid every month. This is a result of high taxes, so the Education is paid through this. By this every person can get an Education which makes culturally superiority a non-playing factor. When applying for a College in Denmark you apply for a certain major which has its own GPA and course requirements. This makes the highly popular majors as International Business and Law tough to get into. Also, Geography plays a Big part for example it can be possible to get into a Business major outside the City. In the U.S. the College Education is over Four years and not three as in Denmark. This gives less hours of studying as the hours are spread out over an extra Year. A big difference too is that Denmark is such a small country, so people don’t live on campus the same way as here. In Denmark, there are no such thing as college sports and fraternities but more a culture together with your fellow classmates. In terms of how the system is build, I would prefer the Danish version, but when it comes to social life and sports I believe the U.S. version has more to offer.


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