August 30th In-class Writing

After reading Wilson essay and Tadeu Velloso’s narrative story I and Raha have some compare and contrast. We all know that to be involved in a new culture is a big challenge for immigrants. Specific for the language learning, As to be mentioned in the book “ there is no magic bullet”. We also have a similar idea about immigration rate could be both positive and negative. However, Raha brings out an idea about why people leave their country and move to another country like the United States, catch my attention and make me really think about it. Raha thinks no race exists in the world and people can change stereotypes to show their behavior and prove who they really are. In my perspective, I will feel to prove yourself to others is too much work. Since it is hard for us to change the society. The way people who are involved in this situation can do is change the way their thinking. They need to be happy with their races not confuse with other people’s responses. Since you choose to be an immigrant, then you have to be brave to face those problems with a positive attitude. Sometimes other’s voice is not that important.

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