September 27th Plagiarism Activity

Romeo, Shirley, Edwin

  1. Y, copy directly from the resources, and no publish year

Y, it is not the correct in-text citation format, no publish year and page number

N, correct format

Y, it is not the correct in-text citation format, no page number

N, use the correct format

2. Y, there is no in-text citation at all, missing the published date, author’s name, page number.

3. Y, in parenthesis and should replace as “&”

4. Y, don’t have the correct full in-text citation, missing published date, author’s name, page number.





September 20th APA citation

Bilingual teaching is a common education model in today’s society. It is hoped that students can learn about multi-culture through the second language. Yet such a positive education model stands the test of government. According to Soto (1997), local political disputes are influenced by bilingual education, and data are collected and studied, the implementation of bilingual education has been canceled for 20 years by school board members (Soto, p. 1). The purpose of bilingual teaching is to give students a broader perspective. However, bilingual teaching has been neglected and suppressed by a more powerful factor. It should retain the bilingual culture since bilingual is like a lamp connecting the diversity of culture all around the world.



Soto, L. D. (1997). Language, Culture, and Power : Bilingual Families and the Struggle for Quality Education. Albany, N.Y.: State University of New York Press.

September 13th In-Class Writing

My story is about I used to hate learning English. By a chance, I have to talk with my American cousins which we are facing the big challenge is to communicate with each other. At that point, I realize how important about learning the second language. I want to talk with the people all around the world and knowing more diversity of culture. So, I start to focus on learning English and planning study abroad.

As soon as I come to the United States, my English skill moves a big step. There have two steps I took really helps me. Firstly, try to communicate with host family more often and get the idea about American culture. I also learn a lot of language use from them. Secondly, join the drama class also helps me to prove my language ability. It helps you to memorize more beautiful sentences through the script help me in the future writing and speech. Moreover, it also helps me to make more American friends, as we need to practice together and learning together. That experience makes us know each other better.

I really appreciate the experience about as an international student lives in the US. It has broadened my horizons, and let me have a better understanding of a new language in the context of diverse cultures. I also have to thank my host parents, they gave me the good opportunity to learn about the American culture and language as well.

September 11th In-Class Free Writing

My cousins are both American. They do not speak a word in Chinese. I still remember when I was 10 years old, my aunt brings my cousin come to visit the family in China. We were having a trip together to the Beijing. The diversity of culture shocks me. Firstly, I only speak simple English as some easy vocabulary. So, I couldn’t communicate with my cousins, the only language I can use is my body language. Since my two cousins are natty boys, the word I use very often is quite. Secondly, my cousins didn’t like traditional Chinese food, I have to eat with them in McDonald’s,KFC, Pizza Hut. The more worth thing is I cannot even compline with them because I cannot speak English perfectly. Later on, I tell myself I have to learn English. otherwise, I will feel injustice whenever I want to talk to my cousin. Learning English is tough. There have so many vocabularies with that 26 letters combine differently. The most of grammar in English and Chinese are the opposite. Even nowadays I am still struggling with that grammar. The other big challenge is the environment. In China, the official language is Maderine so nobody will use English that often. When you try to use English to have the conversation when you stuck on some kind of ideas you will automatically change to your mother tongue, and rest of your conversation probably will use your first language as well. So my mom finds me an American English teacher to teach my oral speaking. Then, I have to use English all the time, otherwise, he could not understand me. In 2014, when I really come to the United States for studying abroad, my English really got improved. I am thankful for my host parents, they gave me the opportunity to learn about the American culture and language.  I learn a lot of idioms from them. We talk about news and share the story every day most likely during the dinner time. other chance to improve English is the drama class in the high school. have to memorize the script for our own characters.


  1. The story between me and cousin.
    • don’t speak a word of Chinese
    • different culture background
  2. Start to realize the importance of learning English.
    • used to hate English subject, now realize the importance of it.
    • want to communicate globally
    • also get interested in American culture
  3. When I really improve my English skills.
    • come to the United State
    • host parents very patiently teach me about the language and idioms.
    • drama class, memorize the scripts
    • American friends which knowing each other through Band.
  4. Finally, I am using English to show my most opinion, there still have space need be proved.
    • kind confident to use English
    • not that afraid to write in English
    • able take parents to travel out of the country.

September 6th Classwriting

Hello everyone,

  1. AUDIO NARRATIVE by Kelso, Kevin
    • background music with a strong drumbeat
    • the background music was too loud
    • like singing rap
    • light music (gentle and smooth)
    • the voice could be clearly heard
    • the story was rather flat

We will choose light music when making the audio, and try to make our voice clear, bringing feelings into the language and adjusting the speed to avoid being too fast or too slow. We also hope that the selection of my background music will be as close to the theme of our story as the first example, creating a certain atmosphere. Also, the volume of music should be suitable for the story, it can’t be too loud. The most important key point is that the story is able to bring people into the story’s section instead of making people get bored.

September 4th in-class writing

The expectations for this assignment is to have an Audio Essay to reveal some compelling insight into personal life. The challenges we may face through these 3 types. Firstly, how to clearly summarize the personal story through oral. What can we do to show the main point through our voice, and catch the audience attention?  Secondly, we might face the problem such as how to use technology to edit the sound, and how to record the sound successfully. Finally, is the biggest challenge for me is how to find a sound or music to combine with my story and mix them together. I am gonna go to follow the steps, and use youtube or other resources to help me to create my first Audio Essay. I may also ask my friends who are really good at editing vocal sound. Furthermore, I wish I can show a full story with my spirit and emotion to the audience. Hope everyone will enjoy my story later.