Oct 18th Reflection on Education

To some extent, Chinese parents require their children to go to a university or even a high ranking university. They think such a starting point will be different and the future life will be better. In China, education is more like box education. Everything we learn has a particular answer and must be positive. In the United States, education is more like a discussion what you think and how you prove your idea. Chinese education creates good test taker, but American’s education creates good course taker. Education in the United States also better creates practice opportunities for students. Many American children have been doing internships or even taking part-time jobs since high school. But for most Chinese students, they don’t get their first job until they enter college or even graduate. Chinese schools do not demand volunteers. Therefore, students will not adapt to the new working period. Education in the United States is harder to get into college. For China, education is the most difficult part of the process. So another common phenomenon is that when students enter the university, they will indulge themselves. College students in China don’t value grades, and you can even take a make-up exam during the holidays if you fail. While college is the most important time to teach you how to survive in society, it will also nurture you in your field of expertise and give you easy control over your future work. Overall I would prefer American education better. When I study in the United States is more likely I am learning a thinking skill. When I study in China is more likely I am trying to memorize all the points that teacher try to teach me. For the future life in society, the American style of study will help me move further. It taught me how to think about problems, as well as how to link problems and facts. It taught me to be creative, not to take a test.

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