Nov 15th In-class Writing

By reading Jonne’s response she said “The poor ones live in tenements, whereas the wealthy people live in better condition and do not pay any attention or care to the poorer people,” that catches my attention. How is that happen, why is so effective in society?

She also combines the article “”The Defining Challenge of Our Time” and “The Defining Challenge of Our Time”. She mentions that “Some people work hard every day to have a better future, but sometimes due to their social class or race, they don’t have the equal treatment or opportunity as wealthy people.” How to balance different class conditions and create general happiness.

In Jonne’s words “Because of the presence of inequality in this generation, children in the next generation will also have a similar situation to their parents and this is how inequality keeps existing. Everyone deserves to have real and equal opportunities and to strive for their American dream.” That is a strong comment, and it talks about the truth. As a citizen, we should think about this question, what kind of environment we want to create for our next generation.



Essay2 Feedback

The feedback means a lot to me. I will try my best to keep my essay in a logical way and have strong facts to prove my argument.  I will work on the reference more careful, by following the APA format show under the module. I may try to put some personal experience that is affected to the topic that can bring the resonance to make the argument much stronger.


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