Sept 20 APA Citation

Choose a quote to cite: introduce the topic, explain the relevance of that idea; introduce, quote, paraphrase, and analyze.

According to Scott H. Boyd , and M.A Walter, published by 2014. In the first chapter of the article, they introduced solidarity is a often used as a descriptor or a characteristic of competing social cohesion and communality in society, yet it is also a relationship at society and community. We should value the differences highly  and recognize the differences. In contemporary societies, the diversity of religions, politics, and beliefs should not separate us, but rather, tie us and work together as a whole. “Yet as a characteristic of contemporary societies, solidarity is often elusive and subject to contestation, requiring constant remaking, particularly in the contemporary context of social diversity, political and religious difference, and the development of more subjective and diffuse cultures, identities, and “lifeworld” conditions(P. 1).” Therefore, by working together with people that are more opposite than you could help you to develop stronger cultural differences’ knowledge and allow you to have a broader perspective on cultural diversity. That not only can broader your visions of the world, but also make you a better person by learning from others.

cohesion and diffusion

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