Oct 2nd In Class Writing

A Dream Act by Amber Floyd’s, the main argument of her essay is that undocumented students, in another word, immigrants, having a hardship to achieve a higher education due to their illegal identity. She first gives several counter arguments by stating the disadvantages of passing the law. She then further provides several strong statements by stating the importance of passing the Dream Act, how it benefits America economy and how educating will bring the betterment to the nation as a whole. One shouldn’t be deprived of learning “simply because they carry the label ‘undocumented.'”

8/29 Immigrants facing the problems of learning with native students

The former essay mentions how fast the immigrants have grown within a short decades and how the issue of booming immigrants influenced the native learners in terms of learning quality. However, the second essay recounts more about supporting its own identity and embracing the racial difference. More importantly, focusing on how to solve racially brutal world. Being the children of immigrants, they have to undertake a lot of pressure from other people, such as getting used to being looked at or being labeled based on people’s stereotype.

Even though students of immigrants do suffer a lot in their process of learning, but i think they work extra harder than those natives, and they have compelling ambitious towards their future life, which induce them to commit into their studies.

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