Oct. 18 Reflections on Education

More family pressure and culturally superior place me come from getting a college education. In our country, many students are now seeking for a college degree after graduated from high school, this trend has become a necessary process and a requirement to evaluate a person. Lacking college education seems like you will find a hard time to communicate or connect with people in the society due to estrangement from someone who has earned a higher degree. The conversations will then become shallow because you are not able to think deeply. In my parents’ perspective, attending college is a necessary process to go though in order to help one to fully prepare when going out to work in any workplace, not only equip the skills, but personal fulfillment is also vital through study, one could be fully prepare to interact with people in a more proper way. In my own country, I think college education focuses more on vocational rather than critical thinking. Colleges in my country teach students to specialize in their own fields, but for me, I don’t think this is what the college should provide for students in learning. I would prefer college prepares students to have a broader intellectual concepts that could be used in their entire life, such as interpersonal interactions, because such thing can be benefited from every field you go to even if you decide to change field in the future.

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