In class writing Nov.15

Based on the feedback I received on my second essay, I think most of the points that I lost this time is the APA citation and the skill to synthesize ideas together. In this essay, I didn’t do well in synthesizing ideas into a well powerful paragraph, instead of that, i separate two of the essays into independent paragraphs, which did not show my ability to synthesize ideas. Thus, in future writing, I will try to point out the common ideas from both of the essays and compose them by using compare and contrast in order to show the connection between the two essays.

For a better thesis, I have to come up with my personal opinion, what do I want to claim based on the information given in the essays. How do you think the essays are effective, and what can you address the ideas into today’s world.

In Class Writing Nov.15

American Dream is supposed to be a goal that decrease inequality, and this act should ensure people to attain equal opportunity and outcome regardless of their birth, it is define as the effort people put in. However, through the three essayists, American Dream seems less possible to achieve in today’s world and that issue still continue, because three essayists pinpoint how inequality is based on race and how upper class do not pay attention to the lower class. The divide between rich and poor only create more negative effects to the poorer people as time progress.

Nov 1 In Class Writing

Joanne has a similar idea with me about the online essay, “Global Digital Divide,” we both agree that the author expresses his passion that he has to his education, especially in, learning English. We admire Song’s enthusiasm on learning new language, even though English is not the popular language in China, but Song insist on practicing his English ability in writing and communicating very hard every day. Moreover, Song also points out how he start to access to using computer and also the technologies advance at that time.

Through this essay, not only we can see the developing technologies, but also Song’s efforts in learning and improving himself, despite growing up in the adversity, I found it very inspiring after reading Song’s essay because I can compare his lifestyle and mine, which I could find lots of shocking points by reading his essay.


Oct 30 In Class Writing


  • Agree with Bergstrom’s idea that college is about learning to be well-rounded.
  • College is a wonderful place for us to discover our potential, explore new ideas, meet people from different countries and learn to appreciate their culture, those are necessary to prepare earlier for us to adapt well in the workforce.
  • It’s not the major you chose matter the most, every field that you chose to study, despite the profession, math and foreign language should be required courses.


  • Both of us have the same viewpoint on these essays.


Oct 25 blog-writing in class

Joanne, Karina, Edwin

Combine Biology and Business major together. Introduce each of the major independently first and then combine and collaborate two separate majors together at the end.

Interview adviser- students and adviser conversation

Edwin will be responsible for editing video and audio

Karina- research and generate the ideas about business management.

Joanne- brainstorm ideas about Biology major.

Oct 23 In Class Writing

Two points that I found significant in composing digital video essay:

  • To be explicit about the theme through out the whole video in order to keep the audience on track and to make the whole story flow.
  • Filming and editing should be creative and incorporates vibrant details. For example, what to present in the beginning of the scene and transit well into the middle scene as well as to the end.
  • Use imagination to convey visions and sounds rather than directly transfer a script into a video format.

Oct. 18 Reflections on Education

More family pressure and culturally superior place me come from getting a college education. In our country, many students are now seeking for a college degree after graduated from high school, this trend has become a necessary process and a requirement to evaluate a person. Lacking college education seems like you will find a hard time to communicate or connect with people in the society due to estrangement from someone who has earned a higher degree. The conversations will then become shallow because you are not able to think deeply. In my parents’ perspective, attending college is a necessary process to go though in order to help one to fully prepare when going out to work in any workplace, not only equip the skills, but personal fulfillment is also vital through study, one could be fully prepare to interact with people in a more proper way. In my own country, I think college education focuses more on vocational rather than critical thinking. Colleges in my country teach students to specialize in their own fields, but for me, I don’t think this is what the college should provide for students in learning. I would prefer college prepares students to have a broader intellectual concepts that could be used in their entire life, such as interpersonal interactions, because such thing can be benefited from every field you go to even if you decide to change field in the future.

Oct 2nd In Class Writing

A Dream Act by Amber Floyd’s, the main argument of her essay is that undocumented students, in another word, immigrants, having a hardship to achieve a higher education due to their illegal identity. She first gives several counter arguments by stating the disadvantages of passing the law. She then further provides several strong statements by stating the importance of passing the Dream Act, how it benefits America economy and how educating will bring the betterment to the nation as a whole. One shouldn’t be deprived of learning “simply because they carry the label ‘undocumented.'”

8/29 Immigrants facing the problems of learning with native students

The former essay mentions how fast the immigrants have grown within a short decades and how the issue of booming immigrants influenced the native learners in terms of learning quality. However, the second essay recounts more about supporting its own identity and embracing the racial difference. More importantly, focusing on how to solve racially brutal world. Being the children of immigrants, they have to undertake a lot of pressure from other people, such as getting used to being looked at or being labeled based on people’s stereotype.

Even though students of immigrants do suffer a lot in their process of learning, but i think they work extra harder than those natives, and they have compelling ambitious towards their future life, which induce them to commit into their studies.

Sept 27 In Class Writing

Five idioms/slang that I found useful in daily conversations:

  1. Hang on means wait. When someone says hang on, it is like waiting for the outcome.
  2. Make ends meet means there’s no an end result.
  3. Lemon describes someone is in a terrible situation or is in a bad luck.
  4. Going under the knife is used to describe people that go to plastic surgery, however, that does’t involve any life-threatening risk.
  5. Turn someone off is used to describe a person’s mood suddenly turn horrible by some unknowing incidents.

Sept 20 APA Citation

Choose a quote to cite: introduce the topic, explain the relevance of that idea; introduce, quote, paraphrase, and analyze.

According to Scott H. Boyd , and M.A Walter, published by 2014. In the first chapter of the article, they introduced solidarity is a often used as a descriptor or a characteristic of competing social cohesion and communality in society, yet it is also a relationship at society and community. We should value the differences highly  and recognize the differences. In contemporary societies, the diversity of religions, politics, and beliefs should not separate us, but rather, tie us and work together as a whole. “Yet as a characteristic of contemporary societies, solidarity is often elusive and subject to contestation, requiring constant remaking, particularly in the contemporary context of social diversity, political and religious difference, and the development of more subjective and diffuse cultures, identities, and “lifeworld” conditions(P. 1).” Therefore, by working together with people that are more opposite than you could help you to develop stronger cultural differences’ knowledge and allow you to have a broader perspective on cultural diversity. That not only can broader your visions of the world, but also make you a better person by learning from others.

cohesion and diffusion