09/27/18 In class writing- plagiarism activity by Leo, Shenyao, Yifu

#1 is not plagiarism because this is more like a citation from the original author’s word.

#2 is plagiarism because it uses too much original word from the source.

#3 is not plagiarism because he cites the source correctly.

#4 is not plagiarism because the author paraphrases the idea in his own word.

#5 is not plagiarism but he changes the original idea of the source and adds his own idea into it.


09/27/18 In class writing: American idioms

Smell a Rat: This is very useful when we are describing something that goes wrong but don’t know why.

Go to the Dogs: This is very useful when we are describing someone or something is going down and need to snap out of it.

Fishy: It is very useful to describe something is strange happening.

Take the Bull by the Horns: We can use it when someone decides to do something to correct something else.

Let the cat out of the Bag: Let someone else knows what is going on before the things actually happen.

Sep.25th(group activity)- Plagiarism by Yifu Wu, Kexin,Faye

A:#1 is not plagiarism because this is more like a common knowledge since most people know Barack Obama is the 44th president of the United States.

#2 is plagiarism since whenever we use original quote from outside resources, we need to cite them.

#3 is not plagiarism because he gets the permit from pervious professor and the material in his pervious paper is also his own resources.
#4 is plagiarism because whatever we use in our paper that is not our own idea, we need to point out the where the resources come from by using parentheses.
#5 is not plagiarism because the author paraphrase everything from the original source and she doesn’t copy anything verbatim.
B:#1 requires citation of the source because as long as we use the original quote from the sources, we need to cite them.
#2 requires citation because this is not a common knowledge since only a few people can know the date of the Wright brothers’ first successful flight at Kitty Hawk.
#3 doesn’t require citation because it already states that the information is obviously common knowledge.
#4 doesn’t require citation because it doesn’t count as an outside resource since he knows it from his mother.
#5 doesn’t require citation because the author skims the whole and conclude the theme of the book by himself.
#6 requires citation because we need to cite whatever that is not our own ideas even though they are pretty close to our thoughts.

09/20/18 In class writing- library research practice

Culture, language, and identity are always closely connecting to each other. Just like what Alshammari, Sultan indicates in the article “The Relationship Between Language, Identity and CulturalDifferences: A Critical Review”, language is the carrier that reflects people’s identities to others and it is the tool to express their culture. Identity is “people’s concepts of who they are, of what sort of people they are, and how they relate to others” (cited in Hogg & Abrams, 1988, p. 2). Culture can’t exist by itself because it is constituted by people from different nations around the world. It is spreading by the language interaction of different community members. People share the knowledge of their own culture to others in order to help and learn by using language. This is why language mostly represent the culture of certain nation in a great part. Alshammari points out that, “language is a link that is used to ‘make sense’ of things, and meaning can be exchanged and produce.” It is the tool that shows a person’s identity and culture background. Correspondingly, language is also a very significant part of culture or identity.


Hogg, Michael and Dominic Abrams. (1988). Social Identifications: A Social Psychology of Intergroup Relations and Group Processes. London: Routledge.


09/13/18 In class writing-audio essay pitch

The story is about my experience of facing the issue of identity, culture differences, and racial stereotypes as I came to the U.S. for study. I will first talk about how I feel uncomfortable with the western culture when I first came to the U.S. five years ago, how I couldn’t get used to the etiquette and custom liking hugging, praying, or worshiping god. People in China definitely  won’t give a hug to the person who just meet. However, this is what most of the people do in America. I couldn’t understand these as I first came to the United States, but with time pass by, I started to accept this kind of western custom and enjoy hugging with people even the strangers because this is just the way they express their friendliness to others, the most direct and unmannered way. Besides that, God is a really important part of American’s spiritual life. They believe there is a special relationship between each of them with God, I figure this out after studying in a Christianity school for 3 years.

There is still misunderstanding and confuse for American about Chinese or Asian. Because of the lack of knowing to China, many American still think that Chinese’s civilization is not developed as well as the modern society yet. Some of them think that we still have a relatively outdated technology. Most importantly, the race discrimination of Asian is still exist. Many western people think that sports like basketball, football, or ice hook is not for the Asian since they are not as strong as them.

Therefore, the story is really about how I face these discrimination and misunderstanding from others, and try to be the best of myself when others are questioning me. How I grow and become stronger not only physically but more importantly, mentally with these difficulties. Proofing myself with my effort.

09.11.18 In class writing-freewriting

Identity is what gives everyone his or her background information including name, nationality, culture and race. Identity is so important since we can’t live without it, otherwise everyone may just have the same name or come from the same country. It helps us to separate people into unique individual, and none of us has the right to judge another person because of his or her own identity. This is because we are all living in this world equally as a human being, nobody has more privileged than another. Race of individual is like a DNA inside their blood, nobody can’t change it including themselves. As a resident of earth, we should all be proud of our own identity and more importantly, respect every other’s identity.

Using me as an example, I am a native Chinese who was born in the southern of China 20 years ago. I love my country and I am proud of becoming a Chinese since it is the place where raise me up and teach me everything to live in today’s society. Even though, I study aboard in the U.S. right now, I will never forget what I should do for my country if there is possibility for me to dedicate myself for better development of China. However, I am very respectful to everyone who has different race identity as me. America is a mix-cultured country where everyone is part of this big family, we all come from different places, speak different languages, have different color of skin. But, none of these affect that we are all one of the human being who enjoy the equal right in this earth. I am familiar with my own Chinese culture, but this doesn’t mean that I don’t need to know other cultures which is also important for me to improve myself.

09.06.18 – Class Writing

By: Mana Unadkat, Yifu Wu, Hao Wang

We all agree that the first audio narrative that talk about technology by Kevin Keslo is very interesting since the author uses many interesting sound effects that match the content perfectly which gives the audiences a visual picture of what he is talking about.

Besides that, the audio track that he uses is also novelty at the time he created this record, even today I feel really fresh when I listen to his background music. It helps the audience get into what he was saying during the audio. All these cool techniques that he uses in his audio is what we need to duplicate in our own projects.

However, the challenge will be to make our voice clear enough when mixing all these different sound effects together, and make sure our voices are not overpowered by the sounds, and also put them in the exactly correct time when talking about the relative content. Last but not lease, instead of the regular format audio essay, the way that Kevin talk in his audio is more like a casual chat which make the audience feel like it is a normal conversation in daily life, and all the sounds effect he used make people need to pay attention to listen otherwise them may lost miss the important content.

Main expectations and challenges of Essay 1

The main expectations of this assignment are that to refer on my history for a deeper understanding of my own culture,race, and language identities,  to make others learn something from my own experiences, to improve my skill of using new digital tools as a way to write, to know the differences of making an audio essay and writing in paper. The challenges I may face during this assignment is that to mix and edit music or soundscape in an appropriate way, to use my voice as a instrument that attract people into my story, to make this story be an interesting and attractive one. I am planning to choose a relatively slow and comfortable music to let everyone can listen to the context of essay clearly and the music will kind of go with the context so it won’t sound very strange as people listening to it. I will make an appropriate break between each sentence and paragraph so that people can have time to listen and think about the context deeply. The music won’t be too slow and quite that makes the audiences feel boring or even sleepy. There will be different period of the music that is not always in the same tune so that audiences can listen to different type of music as the context goes into different vibe or emotion. I will try to be creative when doing this assignment.