09.06.18 – Class Writing

By: Mana Unadkat, Yifu Wu, Hao Wang

We all agree that the first audio narrative that talk about technology by Kevin Keslo is very interesting since the author uses many interesting sound effects that match the content perfectly which gives the audiences a visual picture of what he is talking about.

Besides that, the audio track that he uses is also novelty at the time he created this record, even today I feel really fresh when I listen to his background music. It helps the audience get into what he was saying during the audio. All these cool techniques that he uses in his audio is what we need to duplicate in our own projects.

However, the challenge will be to make our voice clear enough when mixing all these different sound effects together, and make sure our voices are not overpowered by the sounds, and also put them in the exactly correct time when talking about the relative content. Last but not lease, instead of the regular format audio essay, the way that Kevin talk in his audio is more like a casual chat which make the audience feel like it is a normal conversation in daily life, and all the sounds effect he used make people need to pay attention to listen otherwise them may lost miss the important content.

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