09.11.18 In class writing-freewriting

Identity is what gives everyone his or her background information including name, nationality, culture and race. Identity is so important since we can’t live without it, otherwise everyone may just have the same name or come from the same country. It helps us to separate people into unique individual, and none of us has the right to judge another person because of his or her own identity. This is because we are all living in this world equally as a human being, nobody has more privileged than another. Race of individual is like a DNA inside their blood, nobody can’t change it including themselves. As a resident of earth, we should all be proud of our own identity and more importantly, respect every other’s identity.

Using me as an example, I am a native Chinese who was born in the southern of China 20 years ago. I love my country and I am proud of becoming a Chinese since it is the place where raise me up and teach me everything to live in today’s society. Even though, I study aboard in the U.S. right now, I will never forget what I should do for my country if there is possibility for me to dedicate myself for better development of China. However, I am very respectful to everyone who has different race identity as me. America is a mix-cultured country where everyone is part of this big family, we all come from different places, speak different languages, have different color of skin. But, none of these affect that we are all one of the human being who enjoy the equal right in this earth. I am familiar with my own Chinese culture, but this doesn’t mean that I don’t need to know other cultures which is also important for me to improve myself.

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