09/13/18 In class writing-audio essay pitch

The story is about my experience of facing the issue of identity,¬†culture differences, and racial stereotypes as I came to the U.S. for study. I will first talk about how I feel uncomfortable with the western culture when I first came to the U.S. five years ago, how I couldn’t get used to the etiquette and custom liking hugging, praying, or worshiping god. People in China definitely ¬†won’t give a hug to the person who just meet. However, this is what most of the people do in America. I couldn’t understand these as I first came to the United States, but with time pass by, I started to accept this kind of western custom and enjoy hugging with people even the strangers because this is just the way they express their friendliness to others, the most direct and unmannered way. Besides that, God is a really important part of American’s spiritual life. They believe there is a special relationship between each of them with God, I figure this out after studying in a Christianity school for 3 years.

There is still misunderstanding and confuse for American about Chinese or Asian. Because of the lack of knowing to China, many American still think that Chinese’s civilization is not developed as well as the modern society yet. Some of them think that we still have a relatively outdated technology. Most importantly, the race discrimination of Asian is still exist. Many western people think that sports like basketball, football, or ice hook is not for the Asian since they are not as strong as them.

Therefore, the story is really about how I face these discrimination and misunderstanding from others, and try to be the best of myself when others are questioning me. How I grow and become stronger not only physically but more importantly, mentally with these difficulties. Proofing myself with my effort.

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