Sep.25th(group activity)- Plagiarism by Yifu Wu, Kexin,Faye

A:#1 is not plagiarism because this is more like a common knowledge since most people know Barack Obama is the 44th president of the United States.

#2 is plagiarism since whenever we use original quote from outside resources, we need to cite them.

#3 is not plagiarism because he gets the permit from pervious professor and the material in his pervious paper is also his own resources.
#4 is plagiarism because whatever we use in our paper that is not our own idea, we need to point out the where the resources come from by using parentheses.
#5 is not plagiarism because the author paraphrase everything from the original source and she doesn’t copy anything verbatim.
B:#1 requires citation of the source because as long as we use the original quote from the sources, we need to cite them.
#2 requires citation because this is not a common knowledge since only a few people can know the date of the Wright brothers’ first successful flight at Kitty Hawk.
#3 doesn’t require citation because it already states that the information is obviously common knowledge.
#4 doesn’t require citation because it doesn’t count as an outside resource since he knows it from his mother.
#5 doesn’t require citation because the author skims the whole and conclude the theme of the book by himself.
#6 requires citation because we need to cite whatever that is not our own ideas even though they are pretty close to our thoughts.

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